Robyn Porteen

CEO - Porteen Gear
Travel Writer | Award Winning Photographer

Robyn has traveled the world capturing the essence of an area in her photography. Sometimes on assignment and sometimes for the thrill of the exploration.

Israel, Australia, France, United Kingdom and Ireland are among some of her favorite places. Ireland has captured her heart and soul. 

Renae Stritzinger

Photographer | Explorer | Adventurer

Renae has a passion for adventure, travel and photography! She will climb the cliffs, hang out of hot air balloons and experience the night sounds and insects to get the perfect photo.

Renae first fell in love with Ireland on a trip with Robyn and was hooked on the magic and lore of the area. She has a knack for having fun and planning the perfect events down to the smallest details.


Tours Hosted by Porteen Gear

Robyn founded Porteen Gear in 2010. A camera bag company based on the needs of a travel photographer. Her designs and bags have been sold to over 50 countries worldwide and showcased in: Shutterbug magazine, Professional Photography (PPA), USA Today, British Vogue, United Airlines - Horizons, Click-n-Moms, etc.